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Amoxil tablets are penicillin-sort remedy that usually prescribed for treating certain bacterial ailments. It could also combined with several other medicines for curing infections in the small intestine or the Helicobacter pylori condition. Hence, it couldn’t be consumed for treating viral illnesses like flu or the common cold. 


  • This medicine can be procured without prescription; however, when consumed for the first time, it must be specified by a physician.

  • The medication is usually taken orally, without /with snack. In certain cases, it could cause stomach irritation. To reduce such instances it is best to take this medicine with food.

  • In order to clear up infections, it is best to take Amoxicillin through the entire course as prescribed by a doctor.

  • Even if one feels better after taking the antibiotic for several days, a dosage course should be completed. One should not miss out on a portion. If so, they should take it as fast as they remember. However, in case one has missed one dose and this is already time for the nearest portion, it is okay to jump the portion. It is best not to overdose during therapy.

It is important to get lots of drinks when undergoing cure with this medicine. It is best that you space out taking this medicine at regular intervals. It is best that you take the medicine at the same time, every day.


The medicine should be stored in a cool, dry place. It must be hold away from humidity, heat, and daylight. It should also be hold away from kids and from animals. 

Side Effects

One can experience flux, vomiting, or sickness in stomach due to the intake of the medicine. In case such conditions come by or persist, one needs to inform their pharmacologist or physician instantly.

You need to remember that, a doctor would prescribe this only when he/she thinks that the advantages of the remedy would be more remarkable than any side effects that you might experience. Often people don’t find any noticeable side effects.

In certain cases, prolonged use has resulted in yeast infection in the vagina or/and oral thrush condition. In case you find vaginal flow or white spots in the mouth, you need to inform the doc of such symptoms. In certain cases, besides urinary tract infection or gum infection, one could also experience yellowing of their skin or/and eyes. They could experience simple bleeding or burly symptoms. Besides these, one could suffer from permanent fever or aching throat. 

In rare cases, the medicine could provoke serious intestinal problems due to C. difficile bacteria. In case one sees blood or mucus in their stool, experiences stomach cramping or diarrhea, they need to inform their doctor right away. 

It is rare that the drug could cause serious reactions, especially allergic ones. However, in case one experiences swelling of their tongue, throat, face, or rashes or itches, they need to inform their doctor. It can cause mild rashes but that is usually a fleeting condition. 

Whether you are opting to buy 500 or 250 mg of the medicine, ensure that the online store offers authentic products. In order to do so, check customer reviews of purchases made from the online store. Only when you are convinced of the fair price and product offerings at a store, should you place orders. This is one antibiotic that is available for sale without prescription. Hence, once you find an online pharmacy that delivers the medicine in your area, you can make the purchase. It is advisable that you compare the price at which this medicine is made available in your area, among different online pharmacies. 

Once you make your purchase from a reliable online pharmacy, you can continue to enjoy discounts from the same. Ensure that you sign up for continued mailers and discount offers. 


Before one takes the generic form of Amoxicillin they need to inform their pharmacist or doctor if they are allergic to such medication. If you have any existing allergies or are against penicillin form of antibiotics, you need to inform the doctor of the same. It could happen that one could have a sinus infection or dental infection after taking such an antibiotic. Often, there are inactive substances included in such medicines that can cause such problems.

You need to inform the doctor of your medical history and any pre-existing condition you might have. It is for instance if you have suffered from kidney disease or viral infections. Often, the active ingredient in Amoxicillin could make typhoid or other live bacteria-based vaccines ineffective. Hence, it is best not to take up immunizations or vaccinations while undergoing treatment with this antibiotic.

In case one is pregnant, they should be prescribed this medicine only if needed. Also, you need to discuss benefits or risks before you take up such medication.